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Fer de Lance / La Lettre Blanche 1983-2003 - 20 ans ! L'album anniversaire 

Older issues


La Lettre Blanche 11 - Mai 2002 - Deux musées : un seule passion, le Patrimoine de Cormeilles 

A rediscovered document from 1888 recounts the origins of the Lambert Quarry - Publications: Plaster, art and material, The last portrait, The caves of France, Atlas of underground Paris

La Lettre Blanche 12 - Septembre 2002 - Les Bretons de la Carrière Lambert

The Lafarge Prestia plaster factory in Mériel - Merovingian plaster sarcophagi discovered in Cormeilles - The Bretons of the Lambert Quarry - Cormeilles quarry in schools - Lambert and the tile factory in Chagny (Saône-et-Loire) - Alcide d'Orbigny. From the New World to the world's past - The moulding guide by Jean-Pierre Delpech and Marc André Figueres -

La Lettre Blanche 13 - Décembre 2002 - 20 ans et des rêves

Spectacular reconstruction of a Merovingian plaster sarcophagus - Art and Science at the museum - News from friends: GRPA, ACEM, Maison du Yémen - The monogram of the Lambert brothers - La Folie de Pantin - The misfortunes of a plasterer, Father Comble in Pantin (1) - Claudius Givaudan's photosculpture - Materials of Paris - Pierre Perret's trades jargon


La Lettre Blanche 14 - Mars 2003 - Un arbre pour les 20 ans de notre association

Serpotta, baroque stuccos of Sicily


La Lettre Blanche 15 - Mai 2003 - A toutes les gloires du plâtre

The Association des Murs à Pêches de Montreuil - Marc Le Bihan's plaster dress - Collections: fossils - Memories at the Cormeilles Quarry - My friend Jean, tobacco dealer at the Quarry (by Jean Gropelli) - Ornament: not all angels - Medical plaster - The misfortunes of a plasterer, Father Comble in Pantin (2) - Techniques and practices of stucco by Gérard Rondeau


La Lettre Blanche 16 - Septembre 2003 - Les Amis Réunis reviendront-ils à Cormeilles ?

The Reunited Friends in Cormeilles? - The unforgettable Lannuzel truck in Cormeilles - Plaster aboard the Queen Mary 2 - Ornament: the caryatids - Lavoisier and gypsum - Singing at the Lambert Stadium - The Lambert Farm

La Lettre Blanche 17 - Décembre 2003 - La grande famille du plâtre

Will the Reunited Friends return to Cormeilles (2) - Digne Colloquium: the great family of plaster - Pascal Fontaine, plaster artisan - The restored church of Fleury-la-Montagne (Saône-et-Loire) - Lavoisier - Venice's Fenice rises from its ashes - The Grand Foyer of the Paris Opera - Exhibitions: Hugo facing Rodin, Jean Arp's plasters - Stroll in the Buttes-Chaumont - Cocteau, plaster for "The Blood of the Poet" - The Cormeilles tile factory and Lambert brickyard

La Lettre Blanche 18 - Mars 2004 - Un avenir qui nous échappe

Will the Reunited Friends return to Cormeilles (3) - A plaster trophy - Plaster in sugar - Reworking for Parisians - "Cent-Gardes" for an emperor, Napoleon III's elite squadron - Houdon, sculptor of the Enlightenment - Excavations in Cherves-Richemont - My Friends Lannuzel from Cormeilles (by Jean Gropelli)


La Lettre Blanche 19 - Juin 2004 - Les usines Lambert en 1944

A sign for the museum - Moulding and art casting - Manlio Coletti, proud plasterer - Plaster remains discovered at Square Daguerre in Cormeilles

La Lettre Blanche 20- Septembre 2004 - Aux Amis Réunis


La Lettre Blanche 21 - Décembre 2004 - Avec le Musée du Plâtre

The Apollo Gallery at the Louvre - Napoleon's plaster masks - Yvonne Duttile, Cormeilles artist - Arsène Lupin or the art of "copy-moulding" - The names of the streets in the Cormeilles Quarry district


La Lettre Blanche 22 - Juin 2005 - Les plâtrières de Berzé-la-Ville

Techniques and practices of stucco - Mastics in plaster moulds - 10,000 years ago, plaster: Catal Huyuk - The plasterers of Berzé-la-Ville - memories of Vaucluse industries - Plaster in Babylon - Lambert and the neoce of materials

La Lettre Blanche 23 - Octobre 2005 - Jean Gropelli (1923-2005) "Fervent de la Carrière Lambert"

Visit: mouldings after Antiquity - Publication: "Gypseries, city gypsumers, countryside gypsumers" - Artisanal gypsum firing in Montreuil with "Les Murs à Pêches" - From the altiplano to the abysses: the different environments for gypsum formation - The Statue of Liberty in plaster - Memories of Vaucluse industries (continued): plaster - Plaster in Babylon (continued) - The Cormeilles Quarry district by Jean Gropelli


La Lettre Blanche 24 - Janvier 2006 - Saint-Gobain rachète la carrière Lambert

Saint-Gobain buys British Plaster Board - Ludian gypsum and some geological stages - The Herblay stone quarry - Rodin's antique collection - The PetitPalais reopens - British Plaster Board, 90 years of expansion - Police investigation in Cormeilles Chinatown


La Lettre Blanche 25 - Mai 2006 - Construire le musée du Plâtre

Collections: The Virgin with the Baker and Jacques Laurent's MOF competition - The guide to geology in France - Main varieties and denominations of plaster - Jean Carriès, sculptor and potter - Extraction and manufacture of plaster in the Paris area in the mid-19th century - Hilaire Lambert's life lesson


La Lettre Blanche 26 - Septembre 2006 - Il y a 60 ans la naissance de Placoplatre

The children of La Roche-Guyon 1 - Plaster in the eco-friendly house - Albert Bartholomé - The restored Grand Palais - 1946, the difficult beginnings of plasterboard in France - Lambert's plaster boards


La Lettre Blanche 27 - Janvier 2007 - Un plâtre original d'Yvonne Duttile retrouvé

Jürg Kreienbühl and the plaster saints of RN 19 - Plaster walls and chalk at the Bourdelle Museum - The City of Architecture and Heritage - La Folie de Pantin, a plasterer's house - Coronelli's Globes - The Lambert family of Cormeilles-en-Parisis, from vineyard culture to plaster industry


La Lettre Blanche 28 - Mai 2007 - Carrière de Cormeilles. Son passé et son futur revisités

Life and future of the Cormeilles Quarry - The "double image" of Boulogne - Plaster in the construction of Lutetia - Argenteuil and the Middle Ages - Fragile Nefertiti - Pierre Etienne Lambert: the time of multiple activities (1811-1843) - What if 1822 wasn't the founding date of the Lambert Quarry?


La Lettre Blanche 29 - Octobre 2007 - La vraie nature du Parisis 11

The Children of La Roche-Guyon 2 - Career Change - Exceptional Minerals at Jussieu - Tribute to Claude Monet - The March Towards Industrialisation of the Lambert Quarry (1836-1882)

La Lettre Blanche 30 - Janvier 2008 - Le gypse, une ressource devenue rare

Chinese Geologists in Cormeilles - Museum of the Ecole des Mines - Looking Behind Giacometti's Sculptures - Tribute to Jürg Kreenbühl - The Quarry, Group Photos


La Lettre Blanche 31 - Juin 2008 - On a trouvé du gypse sur Mars !

Star Gypsums of Angervilliers - Tribute to Professor Pomerol - Saint-Martin Church of Cormeilles - Nanterre and the Parisii - Casts at the City of Architecture and Heritage - 1908, Lambert Frères & Company is Founded


La Lettre Blanche 32 - Octobre 2008 - Le plâtre, un matériau toujours moderne

Casting: The True Face of Jean Sébastien Bach - 1931, Foreigners during the Colonial Exhibition - Exploitation of the Lambert Quarry in the Mid-19th Century


La Lettre Blanche 33 - Janvier 2009 - Le gypse de Naïca, les plus grands cristaux du monde

Visit to Lafarge Prestia Plant in Mériel - Flourishing in Plaster - Masks, from Carpeaux to Picasso - Roussel-Uclaf, Our Factory is a Novel - Lambert Quarry in Pictures


La Lettre Blanche 34 - Juin 2009 - Les plâtrières en grève en 1909 

Plaster Workshop at Champs-Guillaume School - Giant Gypsum Geode of Pulpi - Plaster, Surgeon's Ally in the 19th Century - Tian'anmen Liberty


La Lettre Blanche 35 - Septembre 2009 - Le gypse naturellement 

Interview: Anaïs Préaudat: "Plaster? I've Adopted It" - Collections: The Third Eye Hand - Discovering the Plaster Museum - Toponymy of the Quarry District - Lambert Quarry in 20 Key Dates


La Lettre Blanche 36 - Janvier 2010 - Lambert mon pays !

Interview with Jean-Louis Moreil, Plaster Is Back in Business - Collections: Bast Quarries - Drywaller? I Start Monday - Memories of Algerians from the Quarry - From Gypsum in Its Pure State


La Lettre Blanche 37 - Mai 2010 - La vraie nature du Parisis 2 

Interview: Jacky Tallec, Full Steam Ahead! - Report: Training in Plaster Trades - Collections: Mold for the Virgin and the Baker - Biodiversity at the Heart of the Cormeilles Quarry - Desert Roses


La Lettre Blanche 38 - Septembre 2010 - A la découverte de la carrière 

Collections: Half-Pediment in Staff, Frédéric Pirot's MOF Masterpiece - Lorenzi Moulding Workshop - To the Reunited Friends


La Lettre Blanche 39 - Janvier 2011- La mémoire polonaise

Colourful Plaster: Interview with Françoise and Jean-Pierre Baron - Collections: Study Horse - Gypsum and Storm Xynthia - Polish History of Cormeilles - Works by Albert Bartholomé in Cormeilles


La Lettre Blanche 40 - Mai 2011 - Un paysage révélé

Gesture and Tool: Interview with Germain Nallet - Collections: Herblay Plaster Quarry - Plaster Cycle - Cormeilles Quarry Landscape, an Extraordinary Site at the City's Threshold - The Lamberts, Business Dynasty


La Lettre Blanche 41 - Septembre 2011 - Bâtir la ville

Plaster, Art and Material: Interview with Georges Barthe - White Sands, White Gypsum Desert - Materials of the City in Cormeilles-en-Parisis - Plaster and Ceramics - Collections: Le Chatelier Needle Mould


La Lettre Blanche 42 - Janvier 2012 - Un nouveau musée pour Cormeilles

In the Secret of Plaster: Interview with Jean Fenou - The Alhambra of Grenada - A New Museum for Cormeilles - Gypsum Exploitation, Open-air and Underground Quarry - Collections: Star Gypsum of Angervilliers


La Lettre Blanche 43 - Mai 2012 - Le plâtre et la céramique
The Thumbelina of Plaster: Interview with Marc Potin, Plâtres Vieujot - Plaster Sculptures at the Musée d'Orsay - Plaster and Ceramics - Tribute to Françoise Tribondeau - Collections: Aerial Photography of the Cormeilles Quarry


La Lettre Blanche 44 - Septembre 2012 - Les hommes du gypse
"I Really Liked Making Plaster": Interview with School Children from Cormeilles - A Work by Sculptor Boulogne in Saint-Nazaire - Men of the Quarry - Quarrymen and Builders from the Pre-industrial Period - Collections: Gâchoir


La Lettre Blanche 45 - Janvier 2013 - Une collection unique à Copenhague

White and Colours in the Fields: Interview with Pierre Marcel - Staff - Thorvaldsen Museum in Copenhagen - The Bretons of Lambert Quarry - Collections: Bust of Marianne


La Lettre Blanche 46 - Mai 2013 - La fabrication du carreau de plâtre
Placoplatre Foundation: Interview with Alain Doré - Brancusi Workshop - Making Plaster Tiles - Plaster, Loved Profession of Bernard and Marie-France Moine, and Francine Chiquet - Collections: Toussaint Gohon Invoice


La Lettre Blanche 47 - Septembre 2013 - Les jeunes plâtriers à l'honneur

The Butte de Cormeilles, an Evolution Over Time: Interview with Eric Dubois - Plaster in Gonesse Church - Awarded Plaster Trades - Cormeilles Cement Plant - Collections: Lambert Factory Scales


La Lettre Blanche 48 - Décembre 2013 - Un nouvel espace vert pour les Franciliens

Cormeilles Quarry, a Rediscovered Green Space: Interview with Olivier Thomas, President of AEV - "Plastheritage" - Moulds of the Angkor Temple - Collections: Gypsum Pseudomorphosis in Calcite


La Lettre Blanche 49 - Mai 2014 - La gypsothèque du Louvrey

In Search of Forgotten Quarries of Seine-et-Marne: Interview with Joëlle and Patrick Pallu - Restoration of Lamazière Castle in Cormeilles - The Louvre Museum's Gypsum Library - Railway Tracks of Lambert Factories - Collections: Gramme Machine


La Lettre Blanche 50 - Septembre 2014 - Le gypse "made in France !"

Hands in Plaster: Interview with Nadine Biet - Plaster and Personal Care - How Britain Values Its Gypsum - Association of Geologists of the Paris Basin Celebrates 50 Years - Collections: Rainier of Monaco by Sculptor Boulogne


La Lettre Blanche 51 - Janvier 2015 - Réussir dans les métiers du plâtre

Merovingian Plaster Sarcophagi - Plaster in Foundry - Training at the Guè High School in Tresmes - Interview with Marine Crépin, Best MAF 2014 - Lambert in the 1920s - Collections: Staff Entablature


La Lettre Blanche 52 - Avril 2015 - Dans la main de Rodin

Plaster in Rodin's Hands: Interview with Catherine Chevillot - The Queen's Belt - To Wipe the Plasters - From Quarry to Noyer-de-l'Image - Collections: Turritella Hybrida


La Lettre Blanche 53 - Novembre 2015 - Demain de la carrière de Cormeilles

Childhood at Lambert Quarry: Interview with Adam Nidzgorski - Moulding Workshop of the Réunion des Musées Nationaux - Future of Cormeilles Quarry - 6th Sculpture Symposium on Gypsum and Plaster - Collections: Catalogue of Chagny's Grand Tuileries


La Lettre Blanche 54 - Mars 2016 - Le plâtre, matériau durable

Exterior Plaster - When Dali Posed for Sculptor Boulogne - Circular Economy of Plaster: Interview with Jean-Michel Guihaumé - Mechanisation of Lambert Quarry - Collections: Hispano-Moorish Decor


La Lettre Blanche 55 - Septembre 2016 - Gypse et plâtre en fête

Interview with Hervé de Maistre, CEO of Placoplatre - Visits to Bernouille Quarry and Vaujours Plant - Sculpture Symposium on Gypsum and Plaster - Workshops and Demonstrations of Moulding, Engraving, and Stucco Marble - Conferences on Louvre's Gypsum Library and History of Plaster in Île-de-France - Agenda


La Lettre Blanche 56 - Novembre 2019 - Les visiteurs de la carrières

Field Pedagogy - Cormeilles-en-Parisis, Reference Site - Visit to Cormeilles Quarry - Other Visitors - The Quarry on Screen


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